Saturday, 3 September 2011

News from Mr.Mark , Japan

Hello all of you,

I am sitting in a campsite waiting for the rain to stop so I can start my cycling trip... very frustrating, but it has at least given me a chance to catch up on a few things.

One of these was to donate the money from Segambut to the organisations I am promoting through my bike ride.

With your donations (Segambut teachers, Pn. Siti & Zabidah's 2 Farabi class) and a few others I received in Malaysia, the total was 455.80 MYR.

I divided this figure by four and have donated equal amounts to the organisations detailed on this page below:

It's my blog, which I'm still learning how to use... if you visit it say hi!!!

I was really pleasantly surprised to receive such a large donation from your school so could you please pass on to all the staff what I have done with the money and my gratitude for their generosity.

I hope you are enjoying a happy Raya...

Best wishes,



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